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Raspberry Canes

Raspberries are totally delicious, but very expensive to buy fresh in shops. One of the most popular soft fruits they are high in fibre and an excellent source of vitamin C, folic acid, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Raspberries will grow almost anywhere provided they are planted on a well drained soil, although you will need to improve the ground if planting on a heavy, shallow, sandy or gravelly land.  They can be expected to provide worthwhile crops for ten to twelve years, before needing to be replaced. With the exception of Malling Jewel which can be double planted, single canes should be planted 40cm (16in) apart in the row. The best row width is 1.5-1.8m (5-6ft).

Cropping Times

Early summer crop throughout July.
Mid summer crop from mid July to mid August.
Late Summer crop throughout August.
Autumn Fruiting crop from late August to mid October.

Raspberry canes with the exception of 'Ruby Beauty' and 'Black Jewel' are supplied bare-rooted and are available for despatch from November to late March.

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Pot Grown Raspberries - Available Now
Pot Grown Raspberries - Available Now
Raspberry Canes (Bare-rooted for late autumn despatch)
Raspberry Canes (Bare-rooted for late autumn despatch)