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Redcurrants (Bare-rooted)

Closely related to the gooseberry, red currants have a markedly different flavour and use. Redcurrants produce insignificant flowers followed by long strings of shiny berries, with a sharp flavour.  High in vitamin C these attractive berries can be used together with raspberries and blackcurrants to make a traditional Summer Pudding, or made into a flavoursome jelly to accompany roast lamb.

Gooseberries, red and white currants can be grown as a bush, stool-bush, half-standard or upright cordon.

Available for delivery from late November - late March

View Ken Muir's 'Guide to Growing Gooseberries, Red, White and Pink Currants'.

We have now stopped taking orders for bare rooted redcurrant bushes. We will shortly be listing the varieties that we will have available in pots for delivery from late spring/early summer.

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