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10% Off Minarette® Cherry Plum Trees (Mirabelles)

This new range of Minarette® Cherry Plums have been bred in the harshest of climates in the Crimea.  They are hybrids between plums and cherry plums and were bred and selected for their natural resistance to sub zero temperatures, heavy yields and excellent flavour.

Available as Minarettes® these trees can be planted as little as 60-90cm (2-3ft) apart making them ideal for smaller gardens or for pots on the patio.  The fruits are delicious eaten straight from the tree but also make the most delicious jam, compote, jelly and juice.  The three varieties offered will pollinate each other, but will also be pollinated by the flowers of the Victoria plum.

Minarette® trees are supplied bare rooted and are available for delivery from late November until March.

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Minarette Cherry Plum 'Golden Sphere'
Minarette Cherry Plum 'Golden Sphere'
Stunning large, yellow, sweet flavoured fruits.
£27.50 £24.75  
Minarette Cherry Plum 'Ruby'
Minarette Cherry Plum 'Ruby'
Exceptionally sweet, almost peach like flavour.
£27.50 £24.75