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10% Off Black Mulberry King James I

Black mulberries (Morus Nigra) make attractive ornamental trees with compact growth and decorative leaves and bark as well as being useful for the fruit they produce. The fruits resemble loganberries and are almost black when fully ripe. They can be eaten fresh or cooked and used to make jelly and wine. Mulberries do best in a warm sheltered situation where they can be grown as bush, standard or half-standard trees. In colder areas, espalier trained trees against south or southwest facing walls or fences are best. Mulberries are slow growing, taking about eight to ten years to come into cropping. A mature tree will reach 20-30ft, but can be contained considerably in a Root Control Bag (see section on tree accessories).

Black Mulberry trees are available for delivery between late November and March.

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Black Mulberry 'King James I'
Black Mulberry 'King James I'
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