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10% Off Miracots, Pluots & Cherrycots.

Pluots, Miracots and Cherrycots are the result of many years of cross-breeding between apricots and other stone fruits.  Pluots a Japanese plum/apricot cross and  Miracots a Mirabelle/apricot cross both have a flavour closer to that of a plum but with a very high sugar content and an intense sweetness.  Cherrycots which are an apricot/cherry cross have a fruit size and flavour that lies somewhere between the two, but with a wonderful cherry like aroma.  All are delicious eaten fresh, but are suitable for cooking and preserves. 

The trees can be grown outside in a sunny, sheltered position or against a wall, but further north they are best grown under glass in a cold green house or in a polytunnel. 

Our Pluots, Miracots & Cherrycots are grafted on a St Julian ‘A’ rootstock and will reach an eventual height of 3.5-4.5m (12-15ft). Trees should be planted 3.5-4.5m (12-15ft) apart.

Pluots, Miracots and Cherrycots are available for delivery from late November until late March.

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Pluot 'Flavor King'
Pluot 'Flavor King'
Outstanding Mirabelle/Apricot cross, with delicious sugar sweet fruits.
£37.00 £33.30  
Cherrycot 'Aprikyra®'
Cherrycot 'Aprikyra®'
Delicious heavy cropping apricot/cherry cross.
£36.00 £32.40  
Miracot 'Aprimira'®
Miracot 'Aprimira'®
A mirabelle/apricot cross producing extremely sweet & juicy fruits. Self-fertile.
£37.00 £33.30