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Espalier Trained Fruit Trees

The espalier trained fruit tree is an ideal form for growing apples and pears, especially in cooler districts. The espalier consists of a vertical stem with two or more tiers of horizontal branches at intervals of 38-45cm (15-18in). Espalier trained trees should be trained against tensioned wires, our 'Gripple Wire Tensiong System is ideal for this.  Ken Muir’s espalier trees are supplied as 2-tier, ready for growing on as 3 or 4-tier espaliers. (the picture is of a 3-tier espalier).

One espalier-trained tree will require wall/fence space of 3.7m (12ft) wide and 1.8m (6ft) high.

Price includes p&p to *mainland U.K.

*Click here for details on carriage charges to the Scottish Highlands, Offshore Islands & Eire.

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Espalier Trained Apple 'Bountiful'
Espalier Trained Apple 'Bountiful'
Sweet dual-purpose apple.