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Pluots, Miracots & Cherrycots (Bare-rooted)

Pluots, Miracots and Cherrycots are the result of many years of cross-breeding between apricots and other stone fruits.  Pluots a Japanese plum/apricot cross and  Miracots a Mirabelle/apricot cross both have a flavour closer to that of a plum but with a very high sugar content and an intense sweetness.  Cherrycots which are an apricot/cherry cross have a fruit size and flavour that lies somewhere between the two, but with a wonderful cherry like aroma.  All are delicious eaten fresh, but are suitable for cooking and preserves. 

The trees can be grown outside in a sunny, sheltered position or against a wall, but further north they are best grown under glass in a cold green house or in a polytunnel. 

Our Pluots, Miracots & Cherrycots are grafted on a St Julian ‘A’ rootstock and will reach an eventual height of 3.5-4.5m (12-15ft). Trees should be planted 3.5-4.5m (12-15ft) apart.

Pluots, Miracots and Cherrycots are available for delivery from late November until late March.

View Ken Muir's 'Guide to Pluots, Miracots & Cherrycots'.

We have now stopped taking orders for pluot, miracot and cherrycot trees for despatch this spring.  We will shortly be listing the varieties that we will have available to order for delivery in late autumn 2021.

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