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Saskatoons (Juneberries)

Higher in antioxidants than blueberries and known to have superior nutritional properties, being high in fibre, rich in vitamin C and E and an excellent source of protein, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium, Saskatoons (Amelanchier alnifolia) are regarded as a superfruit. 

Also known as Serviceberries, or Juneberries, the fruits look like blueberries in respect of their size and colour, but they have a flavour more like that of a blueberry crossed with a cherry, with a hint of almond.  They are delicious eaten fresh, but can also be cooked, dried or frozen and are perfect for making into jams, pies, muffins, syrups, salad dressings and even wine. 

Unlike the acid-loving blueberry, Saskatoons will thrive in any good, well-drained, moisture retentive soil and will tolerate alkaline conditions up to a pH of 7.5.  They are bushy deciduous plants that can be grown as a large shrub or a small tree, reaching a maximum height and spread of approximately 3-4m (9-13ft), although this can be kept down if required.  They can also be used to form a dense, but productive hedging. 

Saskatoons prefer to be planted in a position in full sun to part shade and are very hardy, so are suitable for growing nationwide, but as they flower early it is best to avoid planting them in a frost pocket.  They are also self-fertile, so do not require a pollinator.  First crops are normally seen within two years of planting and once established they can produce up to 4.5kg (over 9lb) of fruit per year.  

As well as their nutritional benefits, Saskatoons are also known and grown for their ornamental value and will add interest to your garden through the seasons.  In spring, plants are covered in a mass of attractive white flowers shortly followed by berries that turn from pink to deep purple as they ripen during late June/July.  Finally their foliage become a blaze of orange and reds as autumn approaches.

Available for despatch from November 2021 and from then on all year round.

Click Here To View Ken Muir's Guide To Growing Saskatoons.

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Saskatoon (Juneberry) 'Smoky'
Saskatoon (Juneberry) 'Smoky'
Saskatoon (Juneberry) 'Thiessen'
Saskatoon (Juneberry) 'Thiessen'
New! Produces, dark purple fruits with a wonderful tangy flavour.