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Plum, Gage & Damson Trees (Bare-rooted)

These fruits are excellent eaten fresh and for cooking and preserving. They flower early and so need shelter from cold winds. Most varieties are self-fertile, but some require another variety from the same or next pollination group to be planted close by to act as a pollinator.

Ken Muir’s plum, gage and damson trees are grafted on St Julien ‘A’ rootstock making them most suitable for bush trees, pyramids and fans. Bush trees on St. Julien ‘A’ grow to 12-15ft in height and should be spaced 8-10ft apart. If you have a small garden, certain varieties are available as Minarette fruit trees, which are ideal as they can be planted as close as 90cm (3ft) apart.

Bare-rooted fruit trees are available for delivery from late November to late March.

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We have now stopped taking orders for bare-rooted plum, gage and damson trees for this season. We will shortly list the varieties that will be available to order for delivery this autumn/winter.

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