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Nectarine Trees

Nectarine trees can be grown successfully outdoors provided they are grown in a warm, sunny and sheltered position.  Nectarines are smooth skinned forms of the peach and are grown in exactly the same way but are slightly less hardy.   They are best grown as a fan against a south, south-west or west facing wall or fence. In sheltered positions in the south they can also be grown as a bush tree. A bush tree on St. Julien ‘A’ will grow to 3.5-4.5m (12-15ft) in height and spread. A fan trained tree on St. Julien ‘A’ needs a space of at least 3.5m (12ft) wide by 1.9m (6ft) high.

Nectarine trees are available for delivery from late November until late March.

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Nectarine 'Lord Napier'
Nectarine 'Lord Napier'
Richly flavoured nectarine. Self fertile.
Nectarine 'Mesembrine'
Nectarine 'Mesembrine'