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Nectarine Trees

Nectarine trees can be grown successfully outdoors provided they are grown in a warm, sunny and sheltered position.  Nectarines are smooth skinned forms of the peach and are grown in exactly the same way but are slightly less hardy.   They are best grown as a fan against a south, south-west or west facing wall or fence. In sheltered positions in the south they can also be grown as a bush tree. A bush tree on St. Julien ‘A’ will grow to 3.5-4.5m (12-15ft) in height and spread. A fan trained tree on St. Julien ‘A’ needs a space of at least 3.5m (12ft) wide by 1.9m (6ft) high.

Nectarine trees are available for delivery from late November until late March.

We are now taking orders for despatch late November/ December 2019.  Please note that your card will be debited at the time of ordering.

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Nectarine 'Lord Napier'
Nectarine 'Lord Napier'
Richly flavoured nectarine. Self fertile.
Nectarine 'Mesembrine'
Nectarine 'Mesembrine'
'Mesembrine' is a deliciously sweet, flat (peento) nectarine.