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Walnut Trees (Bare-rooted)

The eastern black walnut is hardier and faster growing than the English Walnut and is widely grown in the United States of America. The walnut will reach a height of about 8m (25ft) in twenty years, unless contained in a Root Control Bag (this can be purchased in the tree accessories section). It grows well on a wide variety of soils provided they are deep, fertile and well-drained. An open position with shelter from spring frosts is best.

Walnut trees are available from late November until March.

View Ken Muir's 'Guide to Growing Walnuts & Sweet Chestnuts'.

We are now taking orders for walnut trees for despatch in late autumn (late November/December).  Please note that your card will be debited at the time of ordering.

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Walnut 'Broadview'
Walnut 'Broadview'
Full of antioxidants.