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Root Formation Aids

Just one treatment of rootgrow at the time of planting will set your plants up for life, helping them develop a huge secondary root system supplying nutrients and water for their entire lifetime.

rootgrow is 100% natural and is the only planting aid which is fully endorsed by the RHS following 8 years of use by gardeners at Wisley and is fast becoming a choice planting aid for bare root and container plants in both hobby and commercial horticulture.  

rootgrow™ comprises of (UK) origin mycorrhizal fungi, which shortly after application begin to colonise the plant or tree roots increasing the root area of your plants by up to 700 times.  Mycorrhizal fungi will enable plants to establish and thrive even in difficult soils. In poor sandy soils the mycorrhizal fungi will be able to find scarce nutrients and hold onto water. In clay soils these fungi will be able to unlock nutrients from the soil acting like a clay break.

The key benefits to plants treated with rootgrow include:

  • Superior plant establishment with better natural vigour and health.
  • Overcome replant problems more successfully.
  • Have better developed root systems.
  • Are better able to tolerate drought conditions.
  • Are better able to find and extract more nutrients, including trace elements.

rootgrow is beneficial to almost all plants with the exception of acid loving plants such as Blueberries, Cranberries, Lingonberries, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Heathers and members of the Brassica family. For these plants rootgrow ericoid should be used instead.

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Rootgrow (60g)
Rootgrow (60g)
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Rootgrow (150g)
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Rootgrow (360g)
rootgrow™ Ericoid (200g)
rootgrow™ Ericoid (200g)
Specially designed for acid loving plants.