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Chilean Guava

Chilean Guavas are easy to maintain evergreen shrubs that will grow in most moist, but free draining soils, in full sun to partial shade, but can also be grown in containers.  Plants are hardy down to -10°C providing they are given a warm, sheltered position away from cold drying winds.  Further north and during harsh winters, we recommend moving them undercover, if they are growing in pots, or protecting them from cold winds with fleece.

Available for despatch from late September and from then on all year round.

Click here to view Ken Muir's Guide to Growing Chilean Guavas

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Chilean Guava ‘Flambeau’
Chilean Guava ‘Flambeau’
A small variegated shrub producing sweet shiny red edible fruits in autumn. (*Price incl. p&p)
Chilean Guava ‘Ka Pow’
Chilean Guava ‘Ka Pow’
A small evergreen shrub producing deliciously sweet berries with a strawberry like flavour. (*Price incl. p&p).