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Rhubarb has been cultivated in British gardens since the late sixteenth century. Its leafstalks can be stewed or used for making preserves. Rhubarb can be grown on almost any type of soil but prefer a rich, rather light soil in an open situation unshaded by trees. Rhubarb is grown from ‘sets’ obtained by dividing the crowns of three year old plants. A crown should have one or more buds and the rootstock should be about the size of one’s fist.  Rhubarb crowns should be spaced 90cm (3ft) apart.

Rhubarb crowns are available for despatch from late November until March, with the exception of the varieties 'Livingstone' and 'Pink Blossom' which are sold in pots and are available all year round.

View Ken Muir's Guide to Growing Rhubarb.

We have now stopped taking orders for rhubarb crowns for despatch this spring.  We will shortly be listing the varieties that we will have available in pots for delivery towards the end of May/ early June 2021.

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