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Chilean Guava ‘Ka Pow’

Chilean Guava ‘Ka Pow’
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This deliciously sweet fruit was rumoured to be one of Queen Victoria favourites and has an appearance similar to that of a blueberry, but is deep pink in colour, with the flavour and fragrance of a wild strawberry. 

‘Ka Pow’was bred in the UK and in summer displays lightly scented, bell shaped, pale pink/white flowers which look stunning against the small, leathery, dark green leaves.  Its cranberry sized fruits ripen in autumn and are wonderful when picked and eaten straight from the bush, but can also be used in baking and as they are high in pectin make an excellent jam

Chilean Guavas will grow in most moist, but free draining soils, in full sun to partial shade and are hardy in most areas of the U.K. providing they are given a warm, sheltered position.  Further north and during harsh winters, we recommend moving them undercover if they are growing in pots, or protecting them from cold winds with fleece.  Easy to maintain, this evergreen shrub will reach an eventual height and spread of around 1.5m (5ft) by 1m (3ft 2in). It also forms an excellent edible hedge when plants are spaced 50-100cm (20-40in) apart. Supplied in 1 litre pots.

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Chilean Guava ‘Ka Pow’
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