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'Cherry Aid'® Branch Wraps (Pack of 2)

'Cherry Aid'® Branch Wraps (Pack of 2)
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Whilst we all enjoy seeing birds in our gardens, we are far less keen when our feathered friends devour our wonderful cherry crops or damage our stone fruits before we have had a chance to sample them, 'Cherry Aid'® branch wraps not only help alleviate this problem but also keeps harmful insects, such as wasps, blackfly and aphids at bay without the need for pesticides.
‘Cherry Aid’® branch wraps offer an organic and bird safe way to protect cherry trees and other stone fruits from pests, to ensure your fruit reaches its full size and sweetness. The reusable net wraps fit easily and snuggly around individual branches to shield the fruit as it grows, but also helps to reduce the risk of it splitting by sheltering it from rain. The wraps can also be used in early spring to protect the young blossom buds from being pecked out by finches, if they are a problem in your garden, however they should be removed once the blossom opens to allow bees to pollinate them.

Cherry wraps are normally fitted once the blossom has dropped and the developing cherries/ fruits are approximately 1cm in diameter. The wraps are secured to the branches by ties and fastening strips and have been cleverly designed to enable you to open them anywhere along their length to check or to pick the fruit, without the need to remove them. This means you can harvest your fruit over a period of days, rather than all at the same time, so reducing the chances of wastage.  Pack consists of 2 x 1m wraps.

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'Cherry Aid'® Branch Wraps (Pack of 2)
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