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Crab Apple (Malus) 'Jelly King'*

Crab Apple (Malus) 'Jelly King'*
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‘Jelly King’ is an outstanding modern crab apple variety that produces a profusion of pure white blossom in spring, followed by an abundance of large orange-pink fruits that can be used to make the most exceptional pink crab apple jelly.  Offering interest throughout the seasons, the highly attractive fruits often persist on the trees well into winter.  Trees are relatively compact when mature.    

Crab apple trees are grafted on a M26 rootstock and will reach an eventual height of 2.5-3.5m (8-12ft), although 'Jelly King' normally gets no taller than 3m (10ft) depending on the growing conditions. Trees should be planted 3-4.5m (10-15ft) apart.

Crab apple trees are available for delivery from late November until late March.


Please remember that fruit trees do require staking for the first few years of their life, we also strongly recommend the use of rootgrow™ when planting to encourage strong root growth and aid establishment. 

Tree stakes, rootgrow™ and fruit tree feed can be found by clicking on the 'related products' tab above.

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