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Crab Apple (Malus) 'Rudolf'*

Crab Apple (Malus) 'Rudolf'*
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This magnificent crab apple provides interest throughout the seasons, with distinctive rose red flower buds in spring, that open to display stunning deep pink blossoms which are amongst some of the largest of the Malus family. The foliage is also particularly attractive with the young leaves emerging a lovely purplish-red colour, which later softens to green. It produces small yellow/orange fruits which deepen to red and cover the whole tree putting on a dazzling performance right through autumn.  Like other crab apple varieties ‘Rudolf’ is not only highly decorative but the fruits can also be turned into a delicious jelly.

'Rudolf' is grafted on a MM106 rootstock and will reach an eventual height and spread of 3.6-5.6m (12-18ft).

Crab apple trees are available for delivery from late November until late March.


Please remember that fruit trees do require staking for the first few years of their life, we also strongly recommend the use of rootgrow™ when planting to encourage strong root growth and aid establishment. 

Tree stakes, rootgrow™ and fruit tree feed can be found by clicking on the 'related products' tab above.

Crab Apple (Malus) 'Rudolf'*
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