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Raspberry Beetle Trap

Raspberry Beetle Trap
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This common pest can be a serious problem and not only attacks raspberries but will also cause serious damage to blackberries and hybrid berries, such as Tayberries and Loganberries. 

The adult beetle measures just 4mm long and is dark brown in colour. It over-winters in the soil, emerging from April to early June in search of food, working its way up the canes, eating leaves, flower buds and finally the raspberry flowers before laying its eggs in the blossoms. These hatch and start to feed undetected inside the developing fruits, only to be found when harvesting.  The use of a raspberry beetle trap can greatly reduce this problem, by attracting and trapping the adult beetles as they emerge from the soil in the spring, before they get the chance to cause any damage to your valuable crop. 

Each trap protects 50sqm and contains one floral lure. The traps should be placed outside in the spring 4-6 weeks before the first flowers appear (April-May).  With later flowering hybrid berries eg loganberries, or autumn fruiting raspberries, a second replacement lure is recommended.   

If you have suffered from serious infestations in the past and discover more than 5-10 beetles in the trap per week before the onset of first flowering,  then it is advisable to also use the trap in conjunction with a natural insecticide containing pyrethrum, or a synthetic one containing deltamethrin or lambda-cyhalothrin which may offer a better level of control for non organic gardeners .  ,

Replacement lures also available.

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Raspberry Beetle Trap
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