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Root Control Bag (Large)

Root Control Bag (Large)
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Using a ‘Rootex’ Root Control Bag (RCB) enables you to grow large trees such as figs, walnuts, chestnuts and mulberries without having to worry about how tall they are going to grow.  The RCB restricts the tree roots, retaining the energy of the tree within preventing them from growing too tall, bringing them into cropping earlier and allowing you to lift and transplant your cherished tree should you move in ten years time. 


The bags are made from a special fabric that has a copper based latex coating on one side.  When the root tip comes into contact with the copper it stops growing, the apical dominance is interrupted and the new fibrous roots develop further back towards the plant.  The fibrous roots absorb water and nutrients better.  Rootex is permeable allowing water and nutrients to pass through.  Rootex bags can also be used as a liner in a pot to stop root circling.

Capacity 45 litres. (30cm (12") diameter, 45cm (18") depth)

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Root Control Bag (Large)
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