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Empathy 'After Plant' 1Kg

Empathy 'After Plant' 1Kg
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Empathy ‘After Plant’ is an all purpose, organic plant food with added rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi that has been designed to gradually build soil fertility to support healthy growth of both establishing and mature garden plants and trees.

Empathy ‘After Plant’ acts to extend the root system of a treated plant, increasing the nutrient capture and resistance to drought.   This product is designed to kick start soil fertility during establishment, using nutrients and additives that will actively encourage the natural symbiosis between the plant, mycorrhizal fungi and essential soil bacteria that stimulates healthy plant growth.

The seaweed contained in Empathy ‘After Plant’ supplies natural plant hormones that stimulate top growth and root development.  It also contains Alfalfa, a source of plant derived Nitrogen required for top growth and greening together with seaweed meal and green compost as a source of plant derived Potassium, required for flowering and fruiting.

The humates in Empathy ‘After Plant’ offer a source of organic acids which are essential for fertile soils.  The added rootgrowTM mycorrhizal fungi produces a sticky protein ‘Glomalin’ which acts to improve soil structure and bind nutrients in the soil.  The organic matter in this product is produced from PAS100 certified recycled compost and offers a sustainable source of readily available nutrients for the treated plant.

Empathy ‘After Plant’ contains BioChar (Carbon Gold GroChar™) which acts as a soil conditioner to increase soil fertility, moisture, nutrient retentions and lock up plant carbon in the soil.


For trees, shrubs and fruiting plants use approximateley 100g of Empathy After Plant (one hand full) applied twice yearly.  Sprinkle around the circumference of the plant, lightly fork in and water well.  For flowers and edible plants use 50g and apply as mentioned previously.

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Available all year round.

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