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SB Invigorator (500ml)

SB Invigorator (500ml)
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Why use toxic chemicals when you can use SB Plant Invigorator?
Used by both professional and amateur growers and gardeners worldwide, SB Plant Invigorator is a foliar feed that encourages strong healthy growth, as well as controlling mildew and a wide range of pests including whitefly, aphids, spider mites, mealybugs and scale insects. SB Plant Invigorator uses a physical mode of action, which is non-chemical and non-biological, is safe to use on ornamental plants and on edible crops without any harvest interval and being environmentally friendly and biodegradable does not harm bees or birds. It also helps prevent leaf chlorosis and improves leaf colour and vigour.
With so many of the products we once used against common fruiting pests and problems being withdrawn from sale, or banned, SB Invigorator, offers gardeners who want to avoid using toxic chemicals on their crops, a highly effective method of pest control and can be used throughout the year both outdoors and under glass. 
Available as a 500ml concetrate each bottle makes 50 litres of spray.

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