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Strawberry Tree ‘Arbutus Unedo’

 Strawberry Tree ‘Arbutus Unedo’
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A handsome small evergreen tree with a shrubby habit and dark shredding bark.  It produces a spectacular display of small, ‘urn-shaped’ white flowers and red strawberry like fruit which appear together in late autumn.  Easy to maintain it requires little, if any pruning and is tolerant of alkaline soils and exposed coastal positions.  The fruits, although edible, have an unpleasant flavour and are best left for birds and wildlife, for which they provide a good source of food.  Hardy in most areas of the U.K. it grows best in a sunny, sheltered position. Max. ht. 10ft in 10 years. 

Supplied in a 7 litre pot, approximately 1.2 m, (4ft) high.

Available for delivery from November until March.

We strongly recommend the use of rootgrow™ when planting to encourage strong root growth and aid establishment. 

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