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Blackberry 'Reuben'

Blackberry 'Reuben'
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Heralded as a breakthrough in blackberry breading, ‘Reuben’ is a new and unique variety, being the first in the world to fruit on new wood (ie the current seasons growth), meaning that you can enjoy picking your own delicious crop within the first year of planting. 
As well as producing extremely large and juicy berries, they are also incredibly sweet, scoring as high as many strawberries on the brix scale of sweetness. Fruiting from August to September they are delicious eaten straight from the bush, but are also excellent for jam, pies or coulis. 
The good news doesn’t stop there as because of ‘Reubens’ upright growing habit, plants can be spaced closer together therefore increasing the yield potential. It is also suitable for growing in large pots. Height 1.8m (6ft) Spread 1m (3ft 4”).

Available for despatch all year round.

Please note - We strongly recommend the use of rootgrow™ when planting to encourage strong root growth and aid establishment.  Please click on the 'related products' tab above for further details.

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