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Edible Hedging (Mixed Pack of 10)

Edible Hedging (Mixed Pack of 10)
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Edible hedging is fast becoming a popular solution to creating an attractive yet productive screening or boundary. If you like foraging the local hedgerows, then why not create you own and enjoy bountiful supplies of fruit and nuts for eating fresh or making jams, jellies, cordials etc. Planting bare-rooted hedging is a cheaper alternative to buying fencing or building a wall and will quickly fill out and establish to become something that both you and your local wildlife will enjoy.

Our mixed edible hedging pack consists of 10 bare rooted hedging plants and is enough to make a hedge appromimately 3m (10ft) in length.

Each pack contains 2 each of the following hedging plants-

Crab Apple Hedging 

This native crab apple forms an attractive deciduous hedge, producing an abundance of pretty, white, cup shaped flowers, that are blushed pink, during April and May and will act as a pollinator to apple trees in the vicinity.  In autumn the fruits, which are yellow- green in colour, flushed with red are ideal for making into crab apple jelly.  It will also will encourage insects, birds and other wildlife into your garden

Elder Hedging 

This fast growing deciduous shrub is perfect for hedging with fine green fern-like foliage that is late to fall often remaining until November. It produces clusters of creamy white flowers in June and July which develop into small black berries that are high in vitamin C and have many culinary and herbal uses.

Cherry Plum Hedging

Produces masses of pure white flowers in the early spring before the leaves appear, followed by mouthwatering fruits in the autumn. Our Cherry Plum hedging is suitable for most sunny, well drained soils and will create a dense hedge and an effective barrier with its thorny twigs.

Hazel Hedging 

Easy to grow and Impressive when draped with long, yellow catkins in late winter. The leaves turn yellow in autumn, and the nuts are delicious. Suitable for most well drained soils (except chalk) 'Hazel' will thrive in full sunlight to partial shade.

Sloe (Blackthorn) Hedging 

Also known as 'Blackthorn' it will produce a dense hedge with dark spiny branches, crowded in early spring with small white single flowers followed by fruits that can be used for making sloe gin. Sloe will tolerate exposed sites and most soils, except chalk and will grow in full sunlight to partial shade.

Available for despatch from late November until March.

Extend Your Edible Hedge

There are many fruits that can be incorporated into your 'edible hedge' including blackberries, blackberry hybrids (e.g. Tayberries, Loganberries etc.).

Please note - We strongly recommend the use of rootgrow™ when planting to encourage strong root growth and aid establishment.

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