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Slug & Snail Shocka! for strawberries

Slug & Snail Shocka! for strawberries
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Slug & Snail Shocka! for strawberries is a humane slug and snail deterrent that is made from a unique copper-coated patented fabric called Tex-R.  It acts as a barrier to slugs and snails who avoid any materials containing copper because it causes them discomfort.  Slug & Snail Shocka allows water through yet helps retain moisture in the soil, it also prevents weed growth and stops soil splash thereby keeping the fruit clean.  To use the sheet is simply laid down on to a prepared level soil and the strawberry plants are planted through slits made in the fabric.

Slug & Snail Shocka! can also be used to protect many other plants including vegetables, lettuce, hostas etc.  It can be used on large areas or around individual plants and under pots, just cut to size. Safe to children, wildlife and pets, Tex-R fabric is widely used by professionals and can be reused as it remains effective for several years

Roll size: approximately 1ft x 13ft (0.3m x 4m)

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